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Calendar of All Events

Friday morning 27 February
Bristol Workshop • Psychic Protection 

Weekend 7/8 March
Glastonbury Workshop • Endorphin Effect

Sunday 22 March
 London Workshop • How to Teach the Health & Wellbeing Benefits of Spirituality

Weekend 11/12 April
Glastonbury Workshop • Power of Spiritual Practice

Weekend 9/10 May
Glastonbury Workshop • Sword and Chalice

Saturday 20 June
Glastonbury Workshop • Psyche and Soul

Sunday 21 June
Glastonbury Workshop • Passing Over

Weekend 25/26 July
Glastonbury Workshop • Strong, Clear and Effective

William is Director of the Spiritual Companions Trust


Oases of inspiration, experience and development.
Learn the life-changing secrets of the world's spiritual traditions.

Important and substantial academic research shows that people who have a spiritual approach perform better in all aspects of their lives, and experience more meaning and happiness. 

In these workshops you will learn the key concepts and practices to be found at the heart of all spiritual approaches.

You will learn practical skills and strategies that support all aspects of your wellbeing and personal development – and that you can immediately share with others.

Accreditation and CPD Each workshop also counts as a unit towards the Certificate of Professional Practice in Spiritual Studies and Companionship, a new UK and European vocational qualification. CPD certification available too.


The Relax-Well Way to Health and Wellbeing

This seminal training teaches the core strategies of effective and practical mind-body healthcare and self-management...

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 Glastonbury 7/8 March 2015    London 6/7 September 2014

Connected, Mindful and Compassionate — Three Golden Keys

Spiritual practice is good for you. And good for all around you. It is profound, meaningful and inspiring.  It connects you to the full experience, wonder and purpose of your life...
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 Glastonbury 11/12 April 2015    London 18/19 October 2014

Work with the Energies of Nature and Universe

The world is full of energies and vibrations. They influence us and we influence them. The purpose of this weekend is to demystify and clarify precisely how this process happens...

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 Glastonbury 9/10 May 2015    London 15/16 November 2014

Light and Shadow - The Spiritual Dimensions of Psychological Development

Spirituality and psychology are intimately interwoven. Spirituality however expands the psychological map, the possibilities and the challenges ...

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Glastonbury Saturday 20 June 2015    London Saturday 13 December 2014

Into the Light — Creating a Graceful Death and Transfer of Consciousness

This day teaches the core strategies for enabling a graceful transition at death. It is for anyone wanting to prepare. It is also for professionals ...

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 Glastonbury Sunday 21 June 2015    London Sunday 14 December 2014

Be the Change You Want to See — Holistic Leadership and Communications

A unique workshop focusing on revealing the powerful unseen dynamics and energies in groups, relationships and communications — and how you can effectively manage them.... 

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 London 17/18 January 2015   Glastonbury 5/6 July 2014
Glastonbury 25/26 July 2015 



About the Workshops

In general the workshops:

• Support your personal and spiritual development.
• Give you concepts and strategies that you can use and share immediately.
• Have been developed and improved over three decades.
• CPD certification.

• Build as modules for the professional Certificate in Spiritual Studies and Companionship

 More about their history and background
What its like to be in one

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 Encyclopedia of Mind Body Spirit (ed)
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